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Phoenix Closures

Greencastle, Indiana

Garmong Construction served as General Contractor for the remodel of an industrial manufacturing facility in Greencastle, Indiana, formerly known as the Oxford Automotive Building, from 220,000 to approximately 250,000 square-feet. Project components included four new additions to the building; removal, refurbishing and reinstallation of a 30-ton bridge crane, which spans approximately 80 feet across and approximately 40 feet tall; erection of six (6), 50 feet tall, 14 feet diameter silos which required installation of a 36 foot X 48 foot X 4 foot thick concrete pad; installation of a new rail spur; ten (10) new loading docks, along with the refurbish of two existing docks. There is also a 7,500-square-foot administrative area, which included training facilities. The entire project involved over 270,000 square-feet.

Gartland Foundry

Terre Haute, Indiana

Garmong Construction has completed several projects for Gartland Foundry. Garmong Construction served as the General Contractor of Gartland’s cleaning and finishing room renovation. This project, which required a fast-tracked schedule during the manufacturer’s annual shut-down period, involved; new flooring, lighting and three, new state-of-the-art loading docks. In addition, a new 3,200-square-foot warehouse was added to facilitate staging of product to aid in Gartland’s goal of prompt and on-time deliveries.

Following the cleaning and finishing room renovation, Garmong Construction completed an 8,500-square-foot furnace room addition. This project included 8” and 12” concrete walls to allow for the installation of two, four-megawatt furnaces and power supplies; two overhead cranes; equipment pits and foundations. Additionally, monorails were installed to transport melted steel for mold pouring.

Magna PowerTrain

Muncie, Indiana

This strategic joint venture began as a speculative manufacturing specific shell building developed to attract new jobs. Delaware County secured the real estate and provided financial backing. The City of Muncie provided assistance with the delivery of public utilities. Garmong Development Company, LLC provided all project development services including initial project financing, conceptual planning, site/facilities design, construction, assisting with project marketing, and the negotiation of a long-term lease to Magna as the end user. This now completed 101,000-square-foot, precast concrete, advanced manufacturing facility is designed and constructed to facilitate future expansion of up to 240,000 square-feet on this 24 acre site. The total facilities, equipment, and technology investment by Garmong Development Company, LLC and Magna MTP-Muncie approximates $20.0M.

TRW Automotive Electronics

Marshall, Illinois

In just 12 weeks, Garmong Construction delivered this 44,000-square-foot space, for the high tech manufacture of automotive electronics for TRW Corporation, Marshall, Illinois. Sixteen weeks later, another 65,000 square-feet was delivered. The TRW facility was completed on the day promised and under budget.

Following completion of the projects above, Garmong Construction was asked to complete numerous additional projects including, but not limited to, test engineering offices and a testing complex, an environmental testing laboratory, an operable wall system, locker rooms, a cafeteria, a security center and a mezzanine.


Bloomington, Indiana

Garmong Construction served as General Contractor for this pre-engineered, 40,000-square-foot warehouse maintenance facility. The expansion site required mitigation of significant civil site issues such as building over a large stormwater drainage ditch, removal of thousands of cubic yards of hillside cut, stabilization of remaining slopes, dealing with underground stone/footer issues, etc. This project also included a break room remodel, new and existing overhead crane installation and modification, and management of the design and construction of new parking lots and streets necessary to allow efficient transport of raw materials and finished goods via semi-trucks.


Terre Haute, Indiana

Garmong Construction completed several projects for Jadcore, including two major shipping and receiving facilities. The 100,000-square-foot facility was constructed with tilt-up concrete panels, and the 200,000-square-foot facility was constructed of pre-cast concrete panels. Both feature wire fiber reinforced concrete floors. Each project was completed on a Design-Build, negotiated basis.

Roadworks Manufacturing

West Lafayette, Indiana

Garmong Construction provided design and construction services for this new manufacturing facility, located on a 20-acre site in Lafayette, Indiana. The 30,000-square-foot pre-engineered metal building houses all facets of Company operations including administration, marketing, support services, manufacturing, assembly, and distribution. As RoadWorks has a history of steady growth, the facility and site design incorporate significant expansion features. Garmong Construction also assisted the owners with site evaluation and overcoming a lack of municipally extended infrastructure.

IVC Industrial Coatings

Brazil, Indiana

Garmong Construction completed an addition of two, new 25,000-square-foot warehouse buildings for IVC Coatings at this ultra-clean, high-tech Clay County manufacturer of powder paint. Garmong Construction worked closely with the Owner to assure the plant’s ability to run at 100% efficiency while construction work was being executed.

Prior to the dual warehouse addition, IVC and Garmong Construction collaborated to complete the building modifications necessary to allow for the installation of two new paint production lines, as well as, doubling the output of chilled water assuring that paint manufacturing lines could be operated at maximum output capacity. IVC owns and operates plants worldwide.