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“Perks” are what you get at the coffee shop. At Garmong, you get family. In every project we pursue, we go to battle together to win…and we have fun doing it. When people talk about benefits, they typically mean the same ‘ol, same ‘ol – health, dental, vision…yeah, those are important, but the culture, the people, the personalities, the professional support, the personal support when times are tough (and let’s be real – life is tough for everyone at some point), it’s that atmosphere that keeps us on track toward our common mission.  Check out our social media and you’ll see we spend a bit of time together. We eat…a lot…we celebrate together…a lot, and when we need to chat about stuff, we usually grab nosh and talk about life and work - because they both matter.

  • 401K

    We match 25% of every contribution you make to your 401(k). No tricky math. You put in ... we put in ... shouldn't everything be this simple?

  • Life Insurance

    Protect your family's financial health with group life insurance and additional coverages

  • Got Kids?

    We offer scholarships to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology for those who qualify...

  • Brain Money

    Need to tweak your degree, or git 'r done? Qualified employees can apply for reimbursement of college coursework up to a max each year.

  • Recruiting Bonus

    We offer recruiting bonuses for employees to refer other great candidates. If we hire them, you get a check. Sweet!

From the interview to your annual anniversaries, Garmong wants to know you better not just as an employee but as a person…because together we can build something great.

  • Healthcare

    Take care of yourself and your family with comprehensive Medical, Dental and Vision Plans. We offer HSA and PPO coverages. Old School, New School ... we've got you covered.

  • Mental Health

    When life hits back, sometimes you just need to lean on someone. As part of our health coverage, we offer an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) including mental health counseling.

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    Wanna Run a 5K?

    If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what does a 5k do? We sponsor many races around our markets. Wanna try a tri? So do we!

  • Work Hard. Play Hard.

    Mental Exhaustion? Got you covered ... ping pong, darts, basketball, cornhole and more!

  • Ice Cream and Coffee

    You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! Whatever your vice, the treats will be stocked. Indulge Responsibly.