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Jobsite Safety

Anticipating risk is critical in our industry. This includes personal injury and property damage, both of which can be devastating and interruptive. Through regular safety audits, daily recorded progress reports, and fluid communication between the project team and our clients, our focus on safety remains in the forefront.

Our Experience Modification Rating of 0.78 reflects our attention to safety procedures and risk management. We are proud to report consistently low accident figures.

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Training & Certifications

Garmong’s safety personnel are rarely found in the office, as they travel the state regularly visiting jobsites, ensuring construction activities are being performed in compliance, and educating our Superintendents and their craftsmen on changes in regulation or practice. They also ensure our field teams are receiving the necessary (and often required) training that is relevant to their assigned jobsite, and to the industry as a whole. Our Superintendents are also equipped with the latest software and technology, including iPads, allowing for real time communication and daily progress report sharing with clients and with the office.

We have been a member of CCS since 2013.