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Claude H. Garmong Scholarship

Wabash Valley students are encouraged to apply for the Garmong Scholarship, which was established at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology by C. H. Garmong & Son, Inc. (Garmong Construction Services) to honor the company’s founder and successful Terre Haute entrepeneur, Claude H. Garmong.

Selection Process

Scholarship candidates are selected by the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Financial Aid Committee in consultation with Garmong Construction Services.

Candidates are selected using the following criteria:

  • Academic performance
  • Character
  • Proven need for scholarship assistance
  • Children of employees of Garmong Construction Services
  • Children of customers of Garmong Construction Services
  • Descendants of Claude H. Garmong

How to Apply

Potential candidates for the Claude H. Garmong Scholarship Fund may apply by clicking the button below. For questions contact Katie Smiley at 812-234-3714 or katies@garmong.net.

Please fill out application below!

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Application for Admission

The Scholarship requires the student to be a child of an employee of Garmong Construction Services or the child of a customer of Garmong Construction Services.